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10 Things Women Like About Men

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When it comes to the rules of attraction, there are specific aspects that you need to consider if you want to outshine the competition. Although you may feel that a large bank account plays a crucial role in the reasoning behind a woman’s attraction – there’s so much more going on behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at 10 things women like about men.



We’re sure you’ve heard that confidence is something that women like, and there’s a reason why it’s said so often. Confidence plays a crucial role in every society, and it’s such a desirable trait because it means that someone can rely on you.

When a woman can rely on you, it means that she trusts you. Trust is a foundational aspect of all relationships – especially those that are romantic. It’s doubtful that you’ll find a woman that prefers a man that lacks confidence over one that exhibits a high degree of it.

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A Stable Job

Women like it when a man has a steady job. The reason behind this is because it shows that you’re responsible and capable of committing to a specific task. It also means that you’re independent and have a steady flow of income.

Women don’t like men who are irresponsible and can’t hold a steady job. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a woman that enjoys paying for every meal or movie night.

Many men may feel that their job title isn’t sufficient, but most women don’t care if you’re the CEO or salesman – what they do care is if you’re committed to the job.


Just like confidence, women like men with ambition. Just to be clear, there’s a big difference between being a dreamer and being ambitious. A dreamer is someone who talks about doing something but never actually makes solid steps towards a goal. An ambitious individual is someone who is actively striving to complete a goal.
Women like it when they see a man that is committed to achieving a worthy goal. This goal might be a higher paying job or increasing your educational background by obtaining a prestigious degree. As long as you show that you’re genuinely ambitious, it’s likely that women will notice your efforts.

A Sense of Style

Although every woman’s taste is different, the vast majority of women enjoy it when a man has a sense of style. Whether it’s the way you wear your hair or clothes, all women notice a man with style.

A sense of style doesn’t mean that you need to go out and spend all of your money on an expensive outfit. It means that you need to be yourself, and you should never dress in a way just to impress others. A woman truly appreciates a man that has a sense of style that’s particular to him.

You should never follow a crowd when it comes to style because you’ll likely be lumped into a category. Once you’ve broken free from the style of the masses, you’ll probably be noticed for your unique look.

Personal Hygiene

Although this should be incredibly obvious, you’d be surprised how many men forgo personal hygiene. Women like it when men take the time to clean and groom themselves, especially if they’re going to be in close contact with you.

Personal hygiene means that you take a shower at least once a day. It also means groom your facial hair or shaves the five o’ clock shadow as it develops. There isn’t a woman in the world that enjoys going on a date with a guy that smells like a gym locker room; therefore, you must take your personal hygiene seriously.

A Sense of Humor

This is a big one. Although you may run into some overly-serious women, most girls like a man that can make them laugh. Every cheesy greeting card mentions how laughter makes everything better, but the amusing part is – it’s true.

If you can make a woman laugh, then you’ve won half the battle. Nothing breaks barriers down as fast as making women laugh because it lifts their spirits up and quickly pierces the ice. Laughter draws people together because it’s the complete opposite of aggression and anger.

It should be noted that you have tasteful humor, rather than crude jokes that you would tell a group of friends in a high school locker room. You’ll undoubtedly feel the awkward silence if you say an inappropriate joke at the wrong moment.

Ditch The Axe

Although the marketing is great, it’s time to ditch overbearing body sprays and deodorants such as Axe. Women like men that use subtle, yet fragrant, body sprays that don’t fill the entire room when you walk in. Delicate body sprays have become increasingly popular, and they are usually organically produced – which is an added bonus.

Have A Positive Attitude

Women like men with a positive attitude because it shows that they’re in a good place in their lives. Having a positive attitude shows that you’re not easily stressed out by life’s occurrences. Just like the Fonz, women like it when men are genuinely cool. Having a positive attitude is a rarity in our increasingly stressful world, so you’ll be immediately noticed for this trait.

Be Adventurous

Being adventurous is a trait that women like about men. Women find it unbearable when men aren’t willing to do something out of the norm, such as taking a spontaneous road trip or learning how to surf. There’s nothing like learning something new with your partner, so being open and adventurous is a trait worth having.

Athletically Fit

Women like men who are athletically fit. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a stereotypical bodybuilder, but instead, some who care about their body and exercises regularly. Women like men who take care of themselves because it shows that their motivated to get out and put in the time it takes to work out.

Most women will admit that a fit body is much more attractive than one that doesn’t look like it’s been to the gym or on a run in decades. Being athletically fit isn’t a deal-breaker, but this is something that women consider when it comes to the rules of attraction.

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