12 Ways He Lets You Know He Loves You Without Actually Saying It

12 Ways He Lets You Know He Loves You Without Actually Saying It

Ladies, do you wonder how to tell if that special guy is actually in love with you? All you need to do is look for a few signs, and it’ll be as if he told you himself.

1. He Can’t Contain Himself

Many guys have trouble playing it cool when the person they’re interested in is present. Some visible signs to look out for are if he stutters and trips over his words when speaking. Being nervous isn’t a flaw, but it’s very endearing because it means you affect him.

This guy cares about your impression of him and wants to look his best. As a result, he starts to overthink and get nervous.

2. He Won’t Stop Staring

They say that the eyes are a window into the soul. So a man who desires and loves a woman will not be able to stop looking at his love interest. If you gaze into his eyes, it will reveal his sincerity.

When men are attracted to someone, they will have a hard time keeping their eyes away from them. Sometimes, it can be a bit creepy or weird to stare at someone for so long. Only an earnest gaze will reveal his true feelings.

3. He Keeps Up Contact

A guy who is really into you will always find a reason to contact you. At first, he was playing it cool when he replied to your texts or calls. Now, he’s taking the initiative and is frequently texting or calling.

Some evident texts are the good morning or good night texts. These texts are especially for crushes, so if you get them regularly then you know how he feels about you.

4. He Becomes More Emotional Around You

So they say that men don’t have any emotions. This is not true, but men tend to hide their feelings more than women. So if a guy starts sharing his feelings with you, it means that he trusts you.

Simply put, he becomes emotional because he has all of these intense emotions for you welling up inside of him. When he’s around you, they come pouring out whether he wants them to or not. It can be incredibly touching when a guy does this, but it’s up to you to reciprocate the emotions.

5. He Remembers All the Details

We all know that men aren’t great at remembering things. Birthdays, anniversaries, and appointments all get forgotten. If a guy remembers the things you tell him, it means he wants to impress you.

He’s genuinely interested in all of the things you’re telling him, and he wants to show it. He will hang on to every word because he’s crazy about you. He’ll remember your favorite song, the name of your best friend, and even the name of your dog. He will pay attention to small details to show you that he’s listening.

 6. He Wants To Know Your True Self

A guy who’s crazy about you will want to know you on a deeper level. It’s not all about superficial topics or small talk. He wants to get to the bottom of who you are as a person.

He might do this by asking more personal questions or getting into philosophical conversations. For example, he’ll want to know about your opinion on some controversial subjects. Alternatively, he’ll ask about your dreams and plans for the future. He is interested in you and wants to know what makes you tick.

7. He Will Find Any Reason to Compliment You

This shouldn’t be confused for catcalling or if a guy says something inappropriate. We mean that he will compliment you in an honest way.

He might compliment your appearance without saying anything distasteful. He can compliment your haircut or even the shoes that you’re wearing.

He will compliment your skill at a particular sport or your cooking. Anytime you do something he will be there to be supportive. You know he’s falling for you if he compliments everything you do.

8. He Values Your Opinion

Your opinion will be a strong influence on a guy who has fallen for you. When a guy is crazy about someone, he puts their opinion on a pedestal.

He’ll ask you your opinion on almost everything. If he asks you about his appearance, your response will have an immediate effect. You’ll notice he’ll change his style according to what you told him.

9. He’ll Mention You to People Close to Him

When you’ve been into someone, you told all of the people closest to you. A guy will do precisely the same thing. He won’t be able to keep himself from mentioning you to his friends and family.

You might notice that some of his friends start to act friendlier towards you. Friends are usually supportive, so they will also try to make a good impression for your crush.

10. He Notices Small Changes

Guys are not so observant, but those who are really in love will notice small changes in your appearance. If you get a new haircut, paint your nails, or get a new dress, he’ll take note.

Paying attention to these details means that he cares. It’s not just your appearance but, he’ll also notice other things as well. He’ll see you’re listening to a different type of music or starting a varied diet.

11. He’s Overprotective of You

Men are very protective of the things that they care about. This extends to their crushes as well. He’ll always try to makes sure your as comfortable as possible.

If something or someone is bothering you, he’ll take care of it. If he perceives that something is wrong, he’ll always try to make it right.

12. He Makes You the Priority

If he prioritizes you over anything else, it means he is really in love with you. He would rather spend time with you rather than with his friends. He will always find time to be with you.

In our lives, we are continuously busy with work, friends, and hobbies. Our time is extremely precious and limited, but he wants to spend it with you. He would sacrifice many other things he would love to do to be with you.

Follow The Signs and Your Heart

So you’ve noticed that your guy has shown a few or a lot of these signs. Now you need to decide whether you’ll take the relationship to the next level. There’s a good chance that he will tell you any day now. You can take the initiative or keep waiting, although he may never do it if he’s too shy.