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15 Grooming Tips for Men That Women Are Crazy About

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It’s no secret, a well-groomed man is one of the things women love. One of the easiest ways to catch the attention of that lovely woman is to follow these simple grooming tips.

It Starts At The Top

Women love a man who knows how to take care of their hair. Keeping your beautiful mane managed whether you have a trendy new haircut or just a simple style shows women you care about your appearance. Investing in high-quality shampoo, conditioners, and taking time to keep your hair beautiful will do wonders for your appearance.

Basic Hygiene

This one should be obvious, but we feel the need to say it. Basic hygiene is one of the first things women notice about a man. A well-groomed and clean man is one of the things women like the most. Make sure to keep it up every day, you never know when you’ll run into the love of your life.

The Nose Knows

Having a lovely aroma is one of the top attractants for a woman. One way to repel a woman is to have a noticeably awful body odor. In addition to basic hygiene, women love a man who retains a pleasant fragrance. Don’t use anything cheap, a top-quality deodorant or cologne will bewitch almost any woman.

Fresh Air

Bad breathe is one of the leading causes of women to never go near a man again. Always take excellent care of your breathe by regular brushing and rinsing your mouth. If ever in doubt, keep mints or gum with you to use after each meal. When a man has fresh breath, women aren’t shy to get closer and closer.

Counting Sheep

Sometimes, proper grooming starts in the bedroom. Staying up late on your laptop or smartphone causes a severe lack of sleep, resulting in lousy complexion, bags under the eyes, and tired retinas. Women love a man who looks radiant and ready for the day, so make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Facial Hair

There’s no doubt about it – women love facial hair on a man. Even more than that, women adore men who keep their facial hair well-groomed. If you have hair on your face, make sure that it’s managed and serves a purpose. Don’t let the hair grow sporadically or let an entire neckbeard take up residence on your face. Keep it clean, keep it trimmed, and don’t be shy to try something new.

Hair In All The Wrong Places

Sometimes genetics isn’t fair, and you have a blanket of hair covering your chest and back. We don’t think you should go and get all of your hair lasered off, but keep it under control. Don’t let your hair grow out of your shirt and keep it groomed. A woman that falls in love with you most likely won’t care, but it’s better not to take the chance.

Hair No More

One of the most traumatic things that can happen to a man is for him to begin losing his hair. Most men will go through the stages of grief as they try to salvage what’s left of their once great hair and start covering it up. There’s no shame in hair loss, and women love men who have the confidence to and style to pull of thinning or a bald head.

15 Grooming Tips for Men That Women Are Crazy About.

A well-groomed man is one of the things women love. One of the easiest ways to catch the attention of that lovely woman is to follow these grooming tips.

The Eyebrows Never Lie

Men often overlook the value of having tidy eyebrows. Women are impressed by men who are enlightened enough to groom their eyebrows. Keeping them plucked and separated (for people with monobrows) will do wonders for your face.

Don’t Forget The Feet

The feet are often overlooked, mainly because they’re sitting nice and cozy inside socks and shoes most of the time. Once you pluck off your footwear, you’ll notice long nails, calluses, and possibly a foul smell. Don’t let the woman who loves you deal with this, keep your feet groomed by washing thoroughly, clipping them, and using a file to get them nice and soft.

Rays Of Light

Those of us fortunate enough to live in a place with great weather will need to deal with the sun. Many men believe that they can ignore the sun and its UV rays and think they’ll be alright. That is until their skin is peeling and they look like an overripe tomato. Protecting your skin from harmful UV’s is not only good for your health but great for your skin, which will be the desire of many women.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Sometimes the best grooming tip for men is to do less grooming. Some men are very dedicated to keeping their appearance up, but sometimes its too much. Women are hooked on guys who groom well, not those who have perfectly angled beards and a pool of cologne.

Don’t Forget To Wash Your Face

Washing your face before you go to sleep will keep your beautiful looks shining bright. Throughout the entire day, our faces are subject to pollution, bacteria, fumes from every passing car, and all types of filth. It’s not a good idea to let all that muck sink straight into your pores. So remember to wash it off so you’ll meet the woman you love with a sparkling face.

Unkept Clothes

Don’t ever wear your clothes more than once without washing them. Even if they seem clean, they could be harboring all sorts of filth as well as an atrocious smell. Women absolutely love a man who keeps his clothes neat and clean.

15 Grooming Tips for Men That Women Are Crazy About

Hidden Hair

While not a problem for most men, nose and ear hair can be a problem for some. You wouldn’t want that gorgeous woman you’ve met to stare at your lengthy nose or ear hair, so check occasionally and keep it in order.

Fine Lips

Keeping your lips moist and healthy is appreciated by all women. This is especially important if you live in an environment that’s windy and dry where they can get cracked and even bleed. Make sure to pack a chapstick with you every day.

Grooming Makes The Man

Of course, no one expects every man to look like a movie star or be able to keep up an unrealistic amount of grooming. However, making any attempt, especially a proper one is an easy way to get women to notice you.

Following these steps will not only make you more attractive but you’ll also feel more confident in your appearance. If you take care of your appearance and make an effort in yourself, then that demonstrates to women that you possess value and are worth pursuing.

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