24 Clear Signals That Means She’s in Love With You

24 Clear Signals That Means She’s in Love With You

If your love interest is dropping some of these hints, it’s a clear indication that she’s into you. Some of these signs might not be that obvious, so we’ll tell you what to look out for and what it means.

1. She Looks Longingly Into Your Eyes

They say that the eyes never lie. Especially in the case of a woman, her eyes will be the first giveaway. If she’s looking directly and deeply into your eyes, it means she’s giving you her full attention.Often when women are disinterested or not too involved, they are easily distracted. With their phones, TV’s, or anything else that catches their attention. If she’s focusing on you and you only, it’s a clear sign she’s interested.

2. She Becomes Restless When You’re Around

When that special someone is around, it’s difficult to act natural. When people get nervous, they tend to do things they don’t realize. If you pay close attention, you can spot these subtle signs.

One common habit women have is that they start to play with their hair. Alternatively, they fidget around and can’t seem to find the right posture. If you look closely, you might notice that their hands or lips are slightly quivering.

Also, pay attention to how they speak. Sometimes they’ll blurt out a whole sentence or stumble over every word when you’re present. Although some women will stay totally silent, fearing that they’ll say the wrong thing.

 3. She’s Always Teasing You

So this one isn’t too obvious, but some girls like to tease the guys they like. This type of woman is playful and expresses her love by making you miserable.

Sometimes this type of girl is in denial or is trying to hide her true feelings. She may not want to accept the fact and behaves this way as a defense.

Guys tend to take these jokes personally. Just relax and realize what her true intentions are.

4. She’s Quick To Respond

If a girl is really into you, she’ll always be the first you hear from. The moment you speak or ask a question, it’s her voice you’ll hear. She wants you to know that you’re the most important person for her and she’s not subtle about it.

5. You Uplift Her Mood

What happens when the person you desire shows up? No matter what kind of day you’re having, you’re mood will instantly get better.

Women tend to be more emotional, and their feelings shift quickly. You’ll notice that she instantly brightens up when you’re around. If she can’t help but give you a big, genuine smile, you can be sure she wants you.

6. You’re the Priority

When a woman is really in love, she’ll prioritize you over others. Do you notice if she’s always waiting for your response? She’ll ask a question or make a statement and immediately look at you.

This means that she wants your answer over those of others. She can’t help but look straight to you because it’s only your opinion she cares about.

7. She Doesn’t Care About Your Flaws

Everyone has personal flaws, whether we want to accept that or not. A woman is truly in love with you if she knows and deals with yours.

Maybe you chew too loud or have a funny laugh. Your friends might make fun of you, but she won’t. She will probably be amused by it or won’t acknowledge them at all.

8. She’s Genuinely Interested In Your Life

When you’re crazy about someone, you want to know everything that’s going on in their lives. If a woman is curious about your life, it’s a great sign.

She’ll always stay up-to-date on significant and miniscule dramas. The typical day to day happenings will still intrigue her. She’ll remember small details and ask about them. No woman will wast their time asking about your life if she

9. Introduces You to People Close to Her

If you meet people who are close to her heart, it means you are on the same level. Don’t take it lightly if she wants you to meet her best friend or a family member.

A woman will not introduce just anybody to people who are crucial to her. She’s comfortable with you being around these people, and she also wants to show you off to them.

10. She Wants You Alone

This one is pretty obvious, but have you noticed if she tries to get you away from everyone else? She’ll single you out for quick coffee or a small errand.

Any time she can get you alone is enough to make her happy. If she is always making these quick and clandestine meetings, then it’s an excellent sign.

11. You Always Happen to be in the Same Place

If you are coworkers or attend the same school, she’ll just so happen to always be around you. It’s no coincidence; she’s deliberately trying to be present and in your sight.

She knows your routine or the places you go, and she won’t let you forget that she exists. A glance from you is all she needs to make her day.

12. She Knows Your Preferences

Women are especially good with noticing details. She’ll remember your likes and dislikes no matter how large or small.

For instance, if she gets you a drink or a snack, it’ll always be the right one. Alternatively, she knows how much you love to sit in the sun. She’ll always steer away from anything you dislike.

13. She’s Always Thinking Ahead

Planning for things always takes plenty of thought. If a girl still fits you into plans, then it means she’s always thinking about you.

A woman who sees a future with you, plans ahead of time with you in it all the way is really into you. This type of feeling is felt for someone you genuinely love. A sign you should never ignore, a girl that shows you this sign is a keeper, you should be ready to take it on to the next level with her.

14. She Dresses to Impress

Maybe you and your crush don’t meet that often. When you do meet, you notice that she is looking her best. Some women are cautious about their looks and are always looking sharp.

Other times, a girl will be dressing up looking gorgeous just for you. One way to tell if it’s just for you is if you run into her unexpectedly. If she’s casually dressed when you catch her off guard, then she might be doing it just for you. Moreover, if a woman is doing something that requires so much effort just for you, then it’s a green light.

15. Knows Your ‘Language’

Everyone has their unique lingo or favorite phrases. If you notice a girl starting to use your ‘language,’ it means she wants to connect with you.

When we like something, we tend to imitate it. She may be doing this without actually being aware of it. After all, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

16. Your Nurse

Merely coughing in front of a girl who’s into you is enough for her to rush you to the hospital. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not far from the truth.

If she knows you’re not feeling well, or something happens, she’ll drop whatever she’s doing to come and see you. She’ll bring you medicine, make hot soup, or be there with you. It means she cares if she perceives you are suffering in some way and wants to make you as comfortable as possible.

17. She Hangs On to Your Every Word

Do you notice that she hangs on to everything that you say? As we said, women are good at seeing details. They’re also really good at remembering what you say.

Men are not that observant or particularly attentive listeners. However, when a woman is really into someone, she notes everything down. It’s like she has a journal in her head.

She’ll bring up topics that you don’t even remember telling her.

18. She’s Always Joking Around

Many girls aren’t able to contain themselves when they’re around their love interest. If she acts very cutesy and childish around you, it means she’s comfortable with you.

Acting innocent and cute in front of you is done with the purest of heart. It all displays her deeper feelings for you.

19. Always Finds A Way to Touch You

We don’t mean that she’s running her hands all over you. Regardless, you might not realize when a girl is purposefully touching you. It could be that she’s continually grazing your hand or your arm.

She won’t be overly zealous about it but will do it subtly and sparingly, so you never know if it’s on purpose. Sometimes it can be pronounced, but most times it’s done very sneakily.

20. You Receive Small Gifts From Her

These gifts can come in many different forms. It will also happen very casually, without some significant event like a birthday. She does this just because you might “like it.”

Maybe it’s just some homemade salsa or something from the dollar store. Some women like to give small gifts to the people that they love. If you appreciate these little gifts, you’ll notice how happy she’ll become.

21. Forgives You Easily

Even if you do something stupid, she’ll still find it easy to forgive you. Most people don’t tolerate any mistakes. A girl that’s able to put up with small mistakes is wearing rose-tinted glasses.

22. She’s Gets Upset Over “Little” Things

We don’t mean her getting upset over some small thing like when you’re already in a relationship. We suggest that she might get upset with something insignificant. This is a strong sign because this means that she expects of you.

Women will put expectations on the people that they are attracted to. Even if you’re not dating, or not aware of her love for you, these expectations are still there. So if you find yourself apologizing for trivial things, then a girl may be expecting some love from you.

23. You’re Treated Differently

This one is not so obvious and a bit harder to spot. Females will always treat the person they like a little differently. Since everyone is different, this treatment can come in a variety of ways.

The way she talks to you and looks at you compared to others is what you should look out for. People are consistent in how they treat others (except family and close friends). So if you notice you’re being treated differently, then that means she’s putting you into a particular category.

24. She Acts Weird When You’re With Other Girls

We all know that jealousy is not a good sign. However, a more subtle, less toxic form of jealousy isn’t bad. If you’re around another girl, you might notice your crush acting differently.

When usually she’ll stay and talk or say high, she might act awkward. She might not look too comfortable or confident when speaking. Also, notice if she’s acting kind of spaced out or unresponsive. She’s feeling a little jealous and worried about you giving attention to another female.

Keep Your Eyes and Heart Open

If a woman is showing you some of these signs, there’s a high chance she’s in love with you. Many times guys think that these types of signs are just a coincidence, but we can tell you that they’re not. If you keep your eyes open and pay attention, you can figure out if that special girl is really in love with you.