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5 Tips To Get That American Girl To Pay Attention To You

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America is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. This diversity makes it challenging to make any general guideline about the women there.

Many people who live there have parents from foreign countries. So they might have a slightly different upbringing. Despite that, there are specific things that all American girls like and dislike, even if they’re first generation.

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As a side note, these tips are useful mainly for guys not from the USA. You can utilize these tips if you know an American in your country, or if you will begin living in the USA.

Before we begin, we’d like to point out a few things you shouldn’t do. Refrain from:

Being Disrespectful of Her Accent

Yes, they know that British English is the ‘proper’ form of English. Do they care? Definitely not, so please don’t bring it up unless she does first.

Bringing Up Bad TV

You can’t believe Americans created mindless and tasteless shows like Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer among countless others. So you should tell that cute American girl about how horrible it is. She doesn’t care because she doesn’t have anything to do with it.

Talking About Politics

Talking about political issues is never really recommended. Especially right now, the US is hugely divided and is facing a lot of social problems. Seriously, do not bring up the latest mass murder or Trump scandal. It’s already all over the TV and internet, so you don’t need to mention it.

Making Fun of Their Food

America is the land of fast food, so they must only eat burgers and fries. They have no idea what authentic cuisine is.

Just don’t, because you’ll end up looking stupid since she probably grew up with homemade meals. Maybe one or both of her parents are from Mexico or India where they enjoy some of the best cuisines in the world.

Criticize Their Healthcare

Do not bring up how inferior the US healthcare system is to the one in your country. There’s a good chance she or a loved one has had to struggle with hospital bills.

Now that that’s out of the way, we’ve compiled five tips to get that American girl to pay attention to you.

Don’t Complain

It’s true that everyone gripes about the events that are happening in their lives. However, there’s a massive difference between blowing off a little steam and whining. Let me tell you, American women strongly dislike whiners.

I’m sure this is true for other countries, but I have never seen a girl turned off faster than if a guy starts whining. In her eyes, he’s just a big, irresponsible baby who can’t deal with life.

Almost everyone is struggling in their own way and have a multitude of things to deal with. Always whining about it is a sure way to lose all the respect of that beautiful American girl.

Get It Done

As silly as it sounds, the ‘get er done’ attitude prevails in the USA. Americans do what it takes to get the job done without any extra fuss. So if you tell a cute girl you’ll do something, you better get it done.

What this boils down to is that Americans value reliability. Your word is only as good as your actions. So if you do what you say, consistently, then you’ll be more attractive to that American girl.

Keep it Simple

Americans dislike it when things get complicated, especially for no reason at all. Try to keep it simple and be direct when you interact with American women.

If you plan to ask her out, go straight up to her and ask her out and have a place in mind. If you try to ask her out in an indirect manner, she’ll only be annoyed when she figures out your intentions. If you decide to do it in this indirect way, I guarantee you will blow your chances with her.

Be Spontaneous

Americans are known to be crazy, and they love adventure. So try to show them a good time without having a concrete plan. You can sort of impulsively ask them out to something in the moment and make it up as you go along.

The more outrageous the night turns out to be, the better. If you can pull it off, she’ll probably fall in love with you. We have to admit this isn’t always the best approach, especially if there isn’t a lot going on the day you decide to go out. In the worst case, you’ll most likely still get a second date.

Be Very Friendly

You don’t need to act disingenuine or force a conversation. However, Americans are known for being absurdly friendly and approachable. Many times Americans are shocked by how cold people are in other parts of the world.

So give that beautiful American girl a nice warm smile and a pleasant conversation. She’ll take notice and be more interested in you since you remind her of home. Even if you’re in the USA, it’ll still be a good strategy because she’ll see you as a charming foreigner.

Dating The Red White And Blue

There are many topics that you need to avoid when hitting on an American girl. They have strong national pride, so anything that has to do with American ideals is a no go. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s a good general rule. Just remember to be direct, follow through, and be open for an adventure.

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