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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Dating A Russian Woman

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We can tell you that Russian girls are confident, beautiful, and brimming with class. They are incredibly caring and attentive while also being quite resilient.

We can also tell you that they’re not for just any man. There is a myriad of unique challenges to overcome when dating a Russian woman. These challenges require the type of patience and fortitude that not everyone possesses.

In this article, we’re going to list seven different aspects of dating a Russian girl.

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She’s Devoted

As we mentioned, Russian girls are very self-assured. Since they value themselves highly, they apply the same attitude to their man. When a Russian girl starts dating, she wholeheartedly believes the man they’re with is the best. As such, she will be utterly devoted to him.

This devotion is a Russian woman’s most potent weapon for making men fall in love. She will make sure that you are well taken care of, no matter what. She’ll always be attentive and never look down on you. Whatever problem you face, she’ll be at your side.

She Always Looks Her Best

Looks are tremendously important to a Russian woman. She will always look stunning no matter where she goes or what she does. Everything from her shoes up to her hair will be impeccable.

If you want to impress her, you should put an equal effort into your own looks. Keep yourself well groomed and wear nice clothes. You don’t need to wear anything overly expensive. Just make sure you buy something classy that makes you look good next to her.

She’s Bright

Russian women are not only extraordinarily smart but talented as well. She’ll be well read, from classics like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky to modern award winners. She’s always trying to expand her knowledge by keeping her head buried in books.

For fun, she’ll engage you with deep philosophical conversations. Russians are known for contemplating life. So be prepared to do some mental gymnastics. Oh, and she’ll probably have or be on the way to getting a higher degree.

She Is Looking For A Beautiful ‘Soul’

One of the most interesting characteristics Russian girls look for in a man is his ‘soul.’ Of course, we don’t mean someone’s actual soul or something religious. They seek a man who has some depth and substance to their being.

Russian girls don’t want someone who is entirely superficial. Even if they do enjoy material things, they want someone who cares about or believes in something. He should be a man who wants something from life and is a dreamer. Russian girls are not attracted to robotic or unemotional types of men.

You’ll Get Jealous

We mentioned before that Russians are classy and love to look stunning. The downside to this is that she’s going to get plenty of attention from other guys. It’s difficult not to notice a beautiful woman, so you can’t really blame them.

Of course, she will love all the attention, but you certainly won’t. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do here. Her looks are vital to her, and you shouldn’t try to come in between that. You’ll have to accept that this is the way it’s going to be. Don’t worry too much about it, she’ll stay loyal to you as long as you treat her well.

Language Barrier

The language barrier is a problem universal to dating any foreigner. The problem here is that Russians are notoriously bad with English. Of course, it depends on the girl, but sometimes they will possess a limited command of the English language. You will need to speak slower and use less complicated words. Expect an ample amount of miscommunication, especially when arguing.

In this case, it is wise to try and learn Russian, at least to a basic level. First, it will show her that you care and want to make an effort. Second, you will start learning a new language, which is always useful.

Ice Queens

Approaching Russian girls at first might be the most challenging part. They are notoriously cold and try to keep their distance at first. As a defense mechanism, Russian girls stay reserved and are slow to open up or let guys get close.

You have to be very careful and try to ‘thaw’ them to get closer. Don’t get discouraged if you make slow progress. Russian women need to adapt to a new person slowly. Her cold attitude and indifference will slowly melt as she gets to know you better.

Your Own Russian Princess

With this knowledge, you can start courting that Russian beauty you’ve had your eye on. You’ll need to be persistent and patient to win her over. Once you do, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the relationship.

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