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7 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Chinese Girl

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China, the land of the dragon, is home to fantastic cuisine and alluring women. Men all around the world are infatuated with Chinese girls. So what makes them different from dating women from other countries?

Chinese girls differ if they’re from the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and those who grew up in different countries. So we’ll be focusing on girls from the mainland only.

So here’s are seven essential things you should know before starting your journey.

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They’re Mostly Traditional

Most Chinese women you’ll date will probably be on the more traditional and less westernized. So, what do traditional Chinese women behave like? It’s simple, they expect the man to take the lead. This is especially true in the early stages of dating.

You’ll need to plan and pay for everything. So you have to pick her up, take her to the date, open doors, and pull out chairs. She’s merely along for the ride, so you’ll need a solid plan. Don’t bother trying to wing it or asking for her opinion.

They’re Family-Oriented

We’ve mentioned how important family is for women from other countries. However, for Chinese women, the family is a crucial component within Chinese society. Honoring one’s parents or ancestors plays a part in everyday life.

Chinese women are expected to respect their parents, grandparents, and ancestors highly. They are so tightly bonded that she most likely still lives at home. So her family will have a considerable impact on her dating life. They have the power to make or break a relationship.

If you get their blessing, then count yourself lucky. If they don’t particularly care for you, you’ll need to prove that you’re good enough for their daughter.

They’re Completely Honest

Chinese girls are honest to the point of being blunt. Of course, being honest is healthy in a relationship. However, they don’t hold back and can take it too far.

They’ll let you know if they think you’re fat, being lazy, or both. If there’s a pimple on your face, they’ll let you know. You might have already been aware of that pimple, but they need to tell you. They aren’t trying to be rude if they notice something they’ll say something about it right away.

Food, Need We Say More?

Now of course just because she’s Chinese and female means she’ll be a good cook. Regardless, there is a good chance that she’ll be able to make plenty of tasty dishes. If she’s not too much into cooking, then her family will be without a doubt.

If you like cooking, then you can learn a thing or two. Either from your partner or her relatives. You can expand your taste pallet and wow everyone back home with traditional Chinese cuisine.

Long Term Commitment

Besides the large cities, casual dating and one night stands are not the norms. So if you do end up dating a Chinese girl, she’ll most likely be prepared for a long term commitment. You will also need to think about what you want from the relationship. Chinese women may not be your ideal choice if you’re not open to settling down.

Chinese women have their minds set on marriage, mostly due to tradition. There’s also a great deal of pressure coming from the family too. If her family thinks you can be a good provider, then they’ll add even more stress.

Expensive Objects

This one applies more to Chinese women from larger cities. If you want to show your love and affection, you need to do it with expensive things. Brand name clothing, jewelry, and electronics will do the trick. They are obsessed with material things and will love you if you spare no expense at the mall.

No Privacy

When you start dating a Chinese girl, you will lose all privacy. It’s common in China for couples to look at each other’s phones. Westerners usually associate this behavior with a lack of trust. However, in Chinese society, it’s perfectly normal.

You might not be comfortable with someone going through your phone. Even if you have nothing to hide it can feel like a violation. This is something that will take some getting used to. It’s wise not to argue this point because then you might break your girlfriend’s trust. So she might really start scrutinizing your phone usage.

Get Traditional

As you can see, dating a girl from mainland China is unique due to strong customs. These customs, either good or bad, will be ever-present throughout your relationship. If you are a very committed person, then dating a Chinese girl might be the right choice for you.

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