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8 Sizzling Hot Facts You’ll Learn After Dating A Brazilian Girl

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Brazilian women are known for being super fit, sexy, and fun. If you ask any guy if he could date a girl from any country, he will most likely say Brazil.

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We can confirm that everything they say about Brazilian girls is true, to an extent. Whether this type of girl is right for you depends wholly on your personality.

So study this article before you make your trip to the land of beautiful beaches and women. We’ll tell you if you are the type of person who can handle these astonishing women.

She’s Gorgeous

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that all girls in Brazil are beautiful. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a little, but they are ubiquitous. They have honey-toned skin, dark brown eyes, and voluminous, wavy hair.

It’s not all about looks either. They have the confidence to match their beauty. They wear thin bikinis and flowing dresses with plunging necklines daily. Yet, they still have a feminine side that they aren’t afraid to show.

She’s Approachable

Brazilian girls have outgoing and friendly personalities. If you catch their eye, then they will not hesitate to come and speak to you. She might ask for your number or suggest for you to buy her drink.

They are easy to have a conversation with and have a great sense of humor. Good vibes are what they are after, so you’ll impress them if you are relaxed can have a good time.

Don’t expect them to be ‘easy’ though. They won’t get into bed with anybody, especially if they’re only a foreigner. This carefree lifestyle makes people think that they are easy to get with, but it isn’t true. They hope to be treated well and taken out.

She Has No Concept of Personal Space

If personal space is essential to you, then you might want to stay where you are. In Brazilian culture, the norm is to be very physical and not so reserved. Brazilian women are very comfortable with physical touch and getting close. If you are a physical person, then you will especially enjoy being with the women in Brazil.

Despite at all this, she might not be so touchy with a foreigner. She understands that you come from a different place and different culture. She’ll act a little more cautious. If she can’t help touching you, then it means she’s comfortable with you.

She is Focused

Some people mistake fun and carefree personalities for being lazy or undetermined. Actually, the opposite is true. They are very enthusiastic when it comes to both work and pleasure.

Throughout history, Brazilian women had to face an oppressive patriarchy. Beginning in the 20th century, the situation started to change as they earned more rights. Peaking in the 21st century, Brazilian women began to see real equality and became hyper-motivated.

So don’t go to Brazil expecting women to see you as a wealthy foreigner to exploit, because the times are certainly changing.

Family is Everything

If you’re interested in a woman who will get along with your crazy family, then look no further. A Brazilian girl will treat your family like her own. Family is a crucial part of Brazilian culture. So don’t be shy when you introduce her to your family, she will be sure to love them.

She’s Into Sports Just As Much As You

Soccer is as vital to Brazilians as football is to Americans. If you start dating a Brazilian girl, make sure you know a thing or two about the Brazilian national team. It will also help if you’re a sporty person yourself because there’s a reason she’s so fit, and it’s not because she sits at home all day.

Going out and playing soccer or volleyball is a past time in Brazil. If you have some skills in these sports, then it will be a huge plus. Brazilian girls are really impressed by guys who are fit and know how to play.

She’s Exotic

Although this can be considered a plus, it can also be a con depending on who you are. Introverted or more reserved personalities don’t mix well with the open and fun attitude of Brazilian women.

They love to go out and have a lot of fun at the beach, carnivals, and parties. If you’re more the relaxing and staying in type, then you might not be compatible with Brazilian girls.

Her Family is Part of the Package

Her sense of family will be firm, and she will be with them a lot. In Brazil, the family plays a critical part of life. Although this applies to most cultures, Brazilians take it to a new level.

An anthropology study found that 69% of women in Brazil carry a financial burden for elderly relatives. This figure is significantly higher than in other countries. So it’s no joke, she will do whatever it takes to help out her family.

So if you start dating a Brazilian girl, get ready to date their family too. She’ll spend a lot of time with them or on the phone if she’s away. You’ll do yourself a huge favor if you maintain a good relationship with them because they have a substantial influence on the daughter.

Party Time

If you’re a guy who’s athletic and open for adventure, then your priority should be to find a Brazilian girl. We’re not saying you shouldn’t try if you’re a little more reserved, but you will find yourself out of your comfort zone.

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