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8 Useful Tips for Getting Closer To That Irish Beauty

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Irish women are known for being energetic, enigmatic, captivating and extremely fun to be around. Men who aren’t from Ireland are surprised by all of these fantastic characteristics.

So, if you plan on taking a trip to Ireland, let us be your tour guide. Not for any beautiful castles or serene landscapes, but for Irish women. Just be sure to pack all of your ‘Craic’ (conversation), because you’ll need all of it.

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Loyalty Is More Than a Word

We’ve mentioned previously that Russian girls are intensely loyal. Well, Irish girls may be able to take commitment to another level. They are already loyal to their family and their friends. So they have a devoted attitude from early on in life. When you become part of an Irish girl’s life, you can be sure that she is trustworthy.

Irish women pride themselves on being utterly loyal to their loved ones. Just make sure never to become between her and the people close to her. Always treat her family friends with the utmost respect, and never act brash or rude. You’ll get tons of bonus points if her friends or family take a liking to you.

She’s In Love With Tea

This is definitely worth putting on the list because chances are, your Irish lass will drink heaps of tea. Irish women find comfort and relaxation in a nice, steaming cup of tea. You’ll really impress her if you know your teas and can genuinely enjoy a cup. Most of the guys they know only love whiskey and Guinness, so a cultured guy like you will pique her interest.

Try to learn all the nuances of making tea. You don’t need to become a master in the art of preparing tea. However, if you know how to make a good cup, she’ll be blown away. Knowing just how she likes her tea will show her that you pay attention to small details. She’ll notice this little gesture and will understand that you care about her deeply.

Be on Irish Time

Generally speaking, the Irish are known to be pretty relaxed. Rushing here and there and stressing out is not their thing. Neither is being on time, so keep that in mind. Irish women take this concept to an entirely new level.

If an Irish girl tells you that she will be there in 30 minutes, you should be prepared for an hour. This doesn’t mean she’s unreliable or untrustworthy. All it means is that you need to get used to the pace of life in the Irish Isles. You just need to learn to relax and be on Irish time. When your girl shows up, I guarantee you won’t mind waiting a little longer.

You Are Her Protection Against The Elements

Ireland has a maritime climate, and although it doesn’t get as cold as much of Europe, it rains a lot. In addition to the rain, it is also very windy much of the year. So if you are going out with an Irish girl, don’t forget to bring the umbrella!

She probably won’t forget hers, but coming prepared will be better than showing up empty-handed. She’ll appreciate it if you shield her from the rain and piercing wind.

Everything Isn’t Fine

When chatting with an Irish girl, be careful of certain words like ‘grand’ or ‘fine.’ Usually, if they utter these words, especially with an annoyed tone, it’s best to tread carefully.

On the surface, these words aren’t hard to understand. That said, in Ireland, these words translate into something else. The translation is usually, “I’m not fine/I’m annoyed.” So be on guard when she uses one of these terms.

You’ll Get Treated Too

Going to an Irish pub with an Irish girl is an incredible experience. Since the pub is part of their culture, they know how to have fun. It’s a cultural thing for everyone at the table to buy a round of drinks.

If you want her to melt in your arms, then buy a couple of rounds for the table. Your generosity will win her over. You can also try buying her a couple of drinks directly, but beware that she won’t let you pay for everything.

White Sheets Are Her Worst Enemy

One cultural phenomenon in Ireland is the use of fake tan. Since there isn’t so much sunshine to go around, Irish women will get their tan from a can. They don’t use a lot, but enough to come off on white linen. So if you want to do yourself a huge favor, don’t get any white bed sheets.

Lastly, Get Used To Cheese and Onion

This may seem a bit strange at first, but it turns out cheese and onion crisps are extremely popular. If you bag an Irish girl, there’s a good chance she’ll fancy this smelly snack. It might be quite disgusting at first, but you’ll just need to accept it. Don’t try to get her to stop, or you will undoubtedly regret trying.

Set Sail For The Irish Isles

Ireland may have some of the most beautiful and exciting women on the planet. Having very own Galway girl is more realistic than you think. Remember not to mess with their family and always be extra generous with the drinks when you hit the pub.

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