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Dating An Indian Woman, Is It Worth It?

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If you are looking for a girl who is stunning and humble at the same time, then India is where you should start your search.

There are a few things you should know about girls from India though. Especially if you’re a westerner, some of the cultural differences might shock you.

Luckily we’re here to help you navigate some confusing aspects of Indian culture.

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Indian Women are Remarkably Beautiful

Part of their beauty is also how exotic they seem, especially to a westerner. Her alluring features will instantly draw you in. She’s stunning in a modern dress or a traditional saree. If you are lucky enough to see her completely dressed up, you’ll think you were looking at a fabled Indian queen.

Indian Food

It goes almost without saying that Indian cuisine is some of the best on the planet. Every dish is bursting with amazing flavors, most of which you’ve probably never had before.

All Indian women are naturally amazing cooks. Most girls spent their childhoods helping their mothers prepare various dishes. So when you start dating an Indian girl, then she will make you exotic foods. Even if she doesn’t like to cook so much, she’ll know where all the best Indian restaurants are.

Dating an Indian girl is like winning the food lottery. Just make sure you aren’t a picky eater or can’t handle spice.

She’s Not Dull

Indian girls are not boring and reserved. Many people think this because they have strong ties with customs and traditions. Indian girls like to party and go out as much as they do in the west.

Indian girls also love the various festivals that take place in India. Although you could do this on your own, being with an Indian girl at a festival is the real experience. She’ll even open your eyes to some of the best festivals like Holi and Diwali.

They Are Not Prudes

This is a huge misconception, which once again has to do with the traditional style of many girls. Of course, everyone is different, but Indians girls are not hyper-conservative.

They enjoy sex and are very active in the process. You won’t need to extend your hand in marriage before getting into bed with her. Of course, these very traditional types of girls exist, but it isn’t as widespread as you might think.

Attending Weddings Is An Adventure

Just telling you about it won’t do it any justice. Indian weddings are huge and miraculous event. If you can visit one with your Indian girlfriend, then you’re in for a fantastic experience.

Indian weddings typically last a few days, each day bursting with celebration. Everyone is wearing bright, vivid colors and everything is decorated to perfection. Henna tattoos, dancing, and endless amounts of Indian food are just a few of the things you’ll enjoy.

Casual Dating is Frowned Upon

Casually dating is not something that is generally accepted. Don’t expect her to say yes to a date right away. It would help if you got to know her better before popping the question.

Her parents will also be totally against any casual dating. It’s still expected of you to ask her parents if you can take her out. If she is texting or calling you, it will be in secret because her parents can’t know.

What if she’s totally independent of her family and lives in her own place? Still, family is a crucial part of her life, and she’ll still need to keep it a secret.

Family Pressure

So let’s say you’re beyond the initial dating barrier. Everything is good with her folks, and the relationship is going smoothly. Suddenly, there’s pressure from her family about marriage and kids.

Indian parents are notorious for bullying their kids into settling down. So if her parents accept you, they will be pushing for marriage. If your girl is 25 or older, expect the tension to be higher. Any girl not married after 30 is considered a shame to her family.

Too Spicy?

As you’ve already read, the traditions and culture in India are responsible for the positive and negative things about dating Indian women. On the one hand, you can have a multitude of unique experiences. On the other, you’ll have to withstand some strange customs and societal norms.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if you can take the heat.

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