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Does She Love Me? How To Translate Women’s Body Language

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Body Language – the unspoken words

This list shouldn’t be confused with the signs we talked about earlier. When we talk about body language, we mean the conscious and unconscious postures and movements which can communicate feelings.

We’ll take you through a list of specific movements and poses girls do that let you know she’s interested in you.

The Back Arch

Both men and women will unconsciously do this. A man will try to make his chest look big by depressing their shoulders a bit, which will make him appear stronger. A woman will arch her back which will give the impression of bigger breasts, and it will also bring her legs into full view.

With this move, she will be trying to get your attention (usually subconsciously) by emphasizing her body. Sometimes it could be a subtle stretch, but if you notice this movement, it means she wants to get your attention.

All About The Hair

If a girl is always playing with her hair when she’s talking to you, then it’s a great sign. She’ll be tossing her hair around or twirling it in her hand. It’s undeniable when she has no reason to do this, especially if there was no reason to mess with it.

Prolonged Gaze

Does she stare at you for a long time without breaking eye contact? A prolonged stare usually means that a girl is interested in you.

Also, the kind of expression she has on can give away her intentions. She might be raising her eyebrow or giving you a little smile that she’s not even aware of.

When She Crosses and Uncrosses Her Legs

This one is a little trickier to be confident of. There’s a high probability that she’s just trying to find a comfortable position. However, she may be doing it out of a nervous habit. So try to notice if she’s only doing it if you’re around.

She’s Always Facing You

When we’re giving someone our full attention, we tend to point our bodies towards them. Specifically, our feet and knees will face the direction of what we are interested in. If we want to leave a conversation, our legs will be facing another direction.

If you are talking to a girl and her feet are always point towards you, it means you have her attention. Even if you’re in a group, you might notice that her legs stay in your direction. This is usually done unconsciously by your legs and your brain. If you see a girl always pointing in your direction, it’s a clear sign she finds you attractive.

She Laughs Anyway

Sometimes you might crack an idiotic joke, but to your surprise, she laughs! Even when you crack awful jokes, she’ll still be amused. This means that she doesn’t care what the joke is, but she likes it because you told it.

You Can Make Her Blush

Women blush for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes it could be because all the attention is on them or if they get asked a difficult question. You can use this to your advantage by trying to make them blush.

You don’t need to ask any inappropriate question or make them embarrassed. A lovely, small compliment will do the trick. If she blushes and isn’t sure how to respond, then it was a success. If she’s more disturbed or confused, then she probably doesn’t have any feeling for you.

She’s Always Smiling At You

We can’t help but smile when we see someone whom we have feelings for. Try to notice if a girl is always smiling at you. You can even smile back often and see if her face lights up. Just be sure that she isn’t just a cheerful person and always smiles at everyone.

You Can Get Close

We all need our personal space. People are usually very concerned about maintaining a comfortable distance from others. If you pay close attention, you can see where this invisible line is drawn.

If you can get close to her without her becoming uncomfortable, then she is welcoming you into her personal space. Alternatively, she might be the bold one who gets close to you.

Even if she isn’t intruding in your comfort zone, she might always be near you. A minute ago she could be standing in another part of a group, and the next she’s right next to you.

Use Body Language To Your Advantage

While you don’t need to study these behaviors, being aware of them is essential. She might be trying to hide her feelings, or doesn’t know how to approach you.

If you notice some of these signs, then you have a good chance of asking them out.

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