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Secret Body Language From Men That Displays Their Love For You

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Ladies, do you find yourself friends with a handsome guy but you’re not sure if the feeling is mutual? Reading into men’s body language is a lot easier than it sounds. You don’t need to be a psychologist or an expert in precise and subtle movements.

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All you need to do is pay attention to a few behaviors and movements, which we’ve compiled in this handy guide:

His Pupils Become Dilated

When people see someone they’re attracted to; their pupils will increase in size! This phenomenon is known as mydriasis, which can show you that he’s attracted to you.

Our eyes naturally dilate daily, depending on changing light conditions. In a darker place, the pupils widen to let in more light. However, if you notice he has large pupils in a light environment, then he’s probably infatuated with you.

He Gives You a Sincere Look

We’ve mentioned staring plenty of times before. However, if he gives you a heartfelt and soft look, it means he feels strongly about you. He will do it sweetly, usually with a little smile.

This shouldn’t be confused with a menacing or weird look. You will be able to tell if it’s a genuine look or just an eerie demeanor.

He’s Always Facing You

When you’re having a long conversation or a quick chat in passing, is he always facing towards you? We don’t mean just his head, but his entire body, down to his feet.

When guys want to give you their full attention, they will unconsciously be in line with your body. Someone in a hurry points their body facing the way they need to go. So even if a guy is in a hurry, if he stops and pivots his whole body towards yours, it means he wants to stay and talk.

The Baritone Effect

Another hard to spot clue is in the voice box. Guys will unwittingly deepen their voice to sound more masculine. Usually, it’s not that exaggerated, so a keen sense of hearing is required.

It’s still up for debate if women find this attractive. Regardless, it’s still something that many guys do, so keep an ear out for it.

You See His Front Teeth

We mean that you will see a huge, genuine smile. Usually, when someone puts on a fake or insincere smile, they’re just moving their lips. If someone grins wide enough to see their teeth, you know it’s authentic.

If a guy does this a lot, it means he’s really having plenty of fun with you. He is honestly happy, and he isn’t able to play it cool.

He Will Keep Both Lips Moistened

This one might seem a little strange, but it’s another nervous habit people have. He will regularly pull his lips into his mouth for a second. He might even combine it with looking in different directions.

Even women will do this when they’re feeling stressed out. Licking your own lips actually dries them out more, so there’s nothing useful about it. If you a guy doing it, especially when you start talking, he might be feeling anxious.

He Regularly Touches His Neck

One of the most vulnerable parts of the body is the neck. So another anxious tendency is to touch it, usually on the side. This comes across as being on guard since they feel a little exposed.

The only reason for a guy to feel exposed is if he feels threatened. We don’t mean threatened in a life or death way. He’s just attracted to you and wants to try and ‘guard’ himself.

He Takes a Deep Breath

Making a heavy sigh can be for several reasons. If he does it when he sees you, it means his heart yearns for you. The physiological basis for this is that when he breathes in quickly, he fills his chest with air, which makes him look more fit.

Usually, this isn’t done on purpose but is more of a reaction. Sometimes the sigh is done because he feels like he doesn’t have a chance with you. So it’s up to you if you want to prove him wrong.

Pay Close Attention

Let’s face the truth; unlike women, men are much easier to figure out. If you look into the way a guy conducts himself around you, you can read him like a book. Once you have the knowledge that he is interested in you romantically, you can decide and quickly determine how to proceed.

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