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She’s Flirting With Me, but She Has a Boyfriend

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Imagine that there’s a beautiful girl that you’re interested in, and it seems that she feels the same way. She’s extra affectionate and flirty with you, but there’s a catch — she already has a boyfriend!

This can be a confusing situation to be stuck in, and it’s challenging to know what she wants from you. Before you decide on a plan, it’s essential to understand why she’s flirting with you even though she has a guy.

Luckily, we can guide you to the next step. Continue reading below to figure out your next move.


Be Sure of the Signs

Before anything else happens, you need to be absolutely sure that she feels something for you. Often when we desire a beautiful girl, we begin to misread the entire situation. Here are a few ways that girls might act flirty around a guy without actually wanting anything more.

  • Naturally Fun and Friendly

Some people just have a naturally sweet and friendly nature, but it’s especially troubling when that person is a gorgeous woman. Many guys seem to misinterpret a girl’s kind and fun personality as flirting. If she’s interacting with others the same way, then it’s safe to assume that it’s just part of her character.

  • Enjoy Your Friendship/Company

Another possibility is that this charming girl actually likes your company or friendship and feels comfortable with you. Maybe she’s a classmate or a coworker, and you both seem to click on a better level than with others.

As women become relaxed with others, they lose some of the barriers they have with strangers. This could be misconstrued as flirting, but in reality, it could be the way that she interacts with the people that she’s comfortable with.

  • Ego Boost

This might be the worst of all, but some women will intentionally flirt without wanting anything more. The reason why someone would do this could be for a few different reasons.

Some girls get a huge ego boost when they know that others are attracted to them. They have no intention of following up with anything more but do it for the fun and satisfaction of it.

Other times a girl might be doing this to make their partner jealous and get control over him. She could be in a troubled relationship and might be trying to let her man know that she is desirable and can get other guys if she wants.

She’s Flirting With Me, but What Does She Want?

You aren’t reading the wrong signs, and there’s definitely some chemistry between you two. You’ve noticed all the right signs, but you still aren’t sure what her motive is – this is where things get tricky. Here are a few different scenarios of why a girl might flirt with you, even if she has a boyfriend.

  • She’s Considering Leaving Her Boyfriend

Sometimes girls flirt with guys if their current relationship isn’t going too well. She could be on the lookout for another guy but might not be fully committed to the idea yet.

She could just be testing the waters before she dives into being single again. There’s no telling when she’ll take the plunge into breaking off things with her guy, so we don’t think it’s worth it to stick around.

There’s also the possibility that the relationship will make a turnaround and be healthy again. This type of situation can be confusing for everyone involved and can leave you with more headaches than anything else.

  • She Isn’t Satisfied

Women can be in a perfectly happy relationship, but that doesn’t mean they’re satisfied. Sometimes they want more attention and affection even if nothing is wrong with their current relationship.

She isn’t doing it out of any sort of evilness or as an ego boost, but she’s just a high maintenance girl. These types of women need a lot of attention, and they’re not afraid to go out and get it, even at your expense.

They might even take things to another level, but they won’t be committed to only you.

  • She Has a Crush on You

There are some cases where a girl genuinely has a crush on you because you’re hot stuff. However, she doesn’t plan on doing anything about it.

That’s not because she wants to tease you, but she’s already got a great relationship going and doesn’t want to leave it. Sometimes when girls are in a relationship, they can develop little crushes on other guys.

She can’t help but flirt and have a good time with you, because you’re terrific. But she probably isn’t going to leave her boyfriend over a small crush on you.

  • Afraid to Leave Her Current Relationship

There’s also the circumstance when a girl just can’t leave her current relationship. She may be fully attracted to you and would be more than willing to start a relationship with you, but she’s held back by a moral dilemma.

She may be in an unhealthy relationship and wants to get out but isn’t strong enough to do it. She doesn’t want to leave her current guy with a broken heart, so she’s stuck in the middle and can’t decide.

What Should I Do Next?

Each one of these situations presents its own unique challenges and considerations. For each of them, there is a chance that she’ll take the leap of faith and start a relationship with you.

Unfortunately, the main problem with these scenarios is that there’s way too much uncertainty. When a girl flirts with you when she’s in a relationship, it adds an entirely new hurdle to an already complicated process.

Emotionally it’s a complicated situation, and that makes women much more fickle. More than likely, you’ll be the one getting burned and broken-hearted, so it’s best not to pursue her actively.

Just remember to play it cool and keep reading the signs. Don’t make a move unless you’re absolutely sure she wants to take things to the next level with you.

Even if she does, she may change her mind, given the complicated nature of the circumstances. So don’t hold out hope but assess the situation and determine if it’s worth your time and energy.

If it is, then go for it, and if not, then there are plenty more fish in the sea. Good Luck!

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