Why Dating A Foreign Girl Is the Best And Worst Decision You Can Make

Why Dating A Foreign Girl Is the Best And Worst Decision You Can Make

Why it’s a Great Decision

Dating a foreign girl is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences you can have. If you’re an adventurous person looking for a different type of relationship, here are some things to look forward to.

Completely Different Communication

One of the reasons why it’s amazing to date a foreign girl is due to how different communication is. Since the language you both speak probably won’t be both of your native languages, a new dynamic emerges.

You might need to communicate more simple and direct. This can lead to a stronger relationship because the relationship is rooted more in raw emotion.

You’ll Learn About New Cultures

Dating a foreign girl provides you with a chance to learn about a new culture, intimately. Experiencing a new culture will allow you to learn a different language, eat different food, and get accustomed to different habits.

If you’re interested in learning a language, you can get help from your new partner. Even if learning a language isn’t your priority, just hearing a different one is an enlightening experience. Your taste will expand as you try dishes that you’ve never even heard of before. Before long, you’ll impress everyone with your new cooking skills.

Why it’s a Bad Decision

Dating a foreign girl won’t magically make all types of relationship problems go away. There are some specific problems that you will probably need to deal with when dating a foreign girl.

Some of these problems are:

The Green Card

There will always be people who think that a foreign girl is dating you for your citizenship. Alternatively, people will feel that you’re dating her for citizenship. Either way, it’s a stigma that will most likely follow your relationship.

Our advice is to ignore the talk because that’s all it is. Don’t worry too much about this because you will know if someone is really in love with you or just using you.

Resistance From Family

Either from your own family or hers, they won’t like the idea of the relationship. They might think that there are too many differences between both of you. Many times the resistance is from cultural traditions. This is common from families of Chinese or Indian women.

You’ll just need to talk to your concerned family members and make it clear to them that you’re staying together. Your partner will need to do the same thing.

Language Barriers

Although we listed the language difference as a good thing, it can also be a con. Depending on the language skill of you and your girl, there can be a great deal of miscommunication. Usually, there’s an imbalance since one person is better at speaking the shared language than the other.

To really get around this problem, you will need to learn her language. This will bring you closer together and help you to communicate with each other better. You also don’t need to be at a high level, even being at a basic speaking level will cement your relationship.

Different Country, Different Mentality

Every country has its own unspoken rules and is different in how the people conduct themselves. In the beginning, this might not be so apparent. As the relationship grows, you might find some significant differences that will be difficult to get used to.

It could come in many different forms, like drinking alcohol for example. In some countries, drinking alcohol is forbidden or frowned upon. If you date a girl from one of these countries, you might need to give up the habit.

Also, they may expect different things from you. In some countries, women are independent and like to help with any financial burden. In others, women will expect you to pick up the tab wherever you go. Of course, all of this varies from country to country so you will need to analyze the differences and act accordingly.

It Will Always Be An Enlightening Experience

No two girls are the same, and especially if they are from different countries. You are probably already used to seeing the women from your own country. There’s an entire world of women just waiting for you to sweep them off their feet. I guarantee that you’ll have so many exciting and different experiences if you date a foreign woman.

You can’t ignore the fact that there are also problems associated with dating a girl from a foreign country. However, if both of your love is strong, you can easily get past any of the challenges that face both of you.